Thursday, 28 July 2011

Owl punch rose tutorial

Good morning all. Here, as promised (but a bit late!) is a tutorial for making a rose using the Stampin' Up 2 step Owl punch.

Before you start you will need

A two step owl punch (available from me for £15.50)

A scallop circle punch (this is the old style punch, but it doesn't matter which one you have as they both punch the same!)

And a circle punch ( I used the 1 1/4 inch)

You will also need card stock ( I used cherry cobbler)
A pair of scissors
Ink (the same colour as your card stock)
PVA glue

So to start you need to punch out eight owls. Try cutting the card in a strip just wider than the owl to save having to punch all of the elements in the punch, you will only need the owl bodies.

Next cut out off the feet of each owl and cut down 1-1.5 cm in the middle of the head.
Next cross over the two ears and glue together. There should be a dip in the petal you have created. This is the top of the petal. while you are holding the ears as the glue dries, shape the petals down until they look like this.

Get your circle punch as a base and lay out the petals you have made, 5 on the bottom and then a second layer of three on top.

Get the scallop circle and cut it in a spiral starting on the outside edge towards the middle, the more spirals you have then the bigger the centre of the flower will be. Roll this into a cone and release. Stick this down into the centre of your flower.
And now you have a beautiful rose made from an owl!

You can buy all the products needed from me via email or phone. if you buy all three punches then it would normally cost £45.25. With my special offer this month it will only cost you £40.72, postage would be absolutely free and you would get two entries into my prize draw for the hostess benefits!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it useful. I just think that these are perfect to make cards, embellish bags or even make a broach or fascinator for a wedding.



  1. gorgeous flower and fantastic clear tutorial.

  2. Nice tutorial Claire... very easy to follow! I love the end result, so effective. I think I may be CASing this at some point, thanks for sharing!
    Luv Lynney

  3. Thank you so much Claire, this is simply beautiful, I am lucky to own this owlpunch and am happy to see I can make this beautiful rose. My first one turned out great and I will be making more, no doubt about it!

    Love Jannie, the Netherlands