Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stampin' Up owl punch under the sea

Aaaand I'm back. Yesterday I told you all to bring your swimsuits because we are going under the sea to see a beautiful octopus.

Now I know he only has six legs, but that's because he is shy and hiding two of them. As before, punch the owl body out of patterned paper, cut off the feet and use the circles for eyes. To do the extra tentacles I punched two more "owl tops" (I only put the paper in a bit to punch out the top of the owl's head as that was all I needed) cut them in half and then positioned them where they needed to go to make the tentacles.

If you layer two coats of crystal effects to the octopus you can turn him into a badge or broach. All you need is the red sticky strip to hold the punched paper on the broach back, crystal effects to make it waterproof and a broach back ( I buy mine off ebay)

This would be a lovely idea for a children's party or just a present for someone who is a child at heart ( like me!) I hope to have a picture of the final result tomorrow. Unfortunately as you need two layers of the crystal effects on the paper it takes about 24 hours to be fully dry and I was running late with my projects!

So I hope you all enjoyed the third instalment in the Owl punch series, I would love to know what you think so don't be shy, leave me a message below!

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See you tomorrow for some spooky fun!


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